Taking calls for India

Taking calls for India



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  1. I work in an insurance call center and he is spot on about the roadside service and how people describe accidents. Anyone know who the comedian is? I’d love to hear more of his routine.

  2. I used to work as a stockbroker at a call center in PA, in the US, working for a major financial company. I was born and raised for a while in Wisconsin, and have a bit of a midwestern way of enunciating some words evidently (long vowels), and the number of people that just point blank refused to believe I wasn’t an Indian person faking a midwestern accent was insane. I had multiple conversations with people where I gave them my certification credentials for my series 7 so they could look me up, just to verify I was a US citizen. There was a rule at my work that you absolutely could not hang up on a client until they dropped the call themselves unless they cursed at you, so it happened more than once where someone was quizzing me for more than an hour about my citizenship with random personal questions and wouldn’t hang up the phone, and wouldn’t curse or elevate. Almost always older people as well, but that could have just been because I dealt primarily with higher value account holders.

  3. Whoever did the subtitles isn’t Canadian. There are a couple of errors that a Canadian wouldn’t make.

    “But he” is actually “buddy”, and “Henri, hello?” is actually “ah oui, allo?”

    I’m Canadian and I hadn’t heard of this comedian, but I’ll have to look into his work sometime.

  4. As someone who has tried stand-up comedy, I admire how natural he performs. Until you are up there it’s hard to know how difficult it is to look comfortable up on stage.

  5. My [old] parents bust out the ‘India test’ all the time. And they’re so proud of it. “I told ‘em to put someone on who can speak REAL English.” Very depressing.

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